JOURNEYPLAN (or Truckdriver)

(Calculating the costs and times for delivering a truck load . .

. . for journeys and sea crossings between UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe)

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Description of this web based Utility

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Set up average speed
Miles Kilometers Average SpeedMph Km/hr
Currency to be used
GB Pounds Euros Exchange Rate    

Time and Mileage costs for running types of Commercial Vehicle

Based on cost data (2014) from the UK Road Haulage Association

I'll use RHA data I'll use my own cost estimates

Driver Daily Subsistence (Overseas Journeys) GBP Euros

Driver overnight subsistence will epend on whether the vehicle has a sleeper cab or not. See Driver's Overnight Subsistence for details

Prepare the Route which may require up to two sea crossings

Select Route

If the fare is unknown, 'JourneyPlan' will assume a value based on quoted rates for a single journey. Ferry companies emphasise that such rates do not represent the best rate that the haulier could obtain by negotiating with the Ferry company.

Start Point and Destination
Start Point Destination  

Journey Summary Times

On clicking the 'Show Distances' button the journey will be analysed in accordance with the EU driving Directive. A table shows the journey, broken down into components comprising statutory maximum drive times, break periods and rest periods, leading to the total elapsed time for the journey. The software does not take into account any over-arching conditions, for example the maximum permitted driving hours per week, as this would require assumptions of the driver's responsibilies other than the journey in question.


Beginning Google Maps API3 Gabriel Svennerberg (2010) apress
An excellent and readable book. Gabriel shows how to build mapping applications with the latest version of Google Maps API, with a tutorial on Javascript thrown in for good measure.