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Technology Brokering — the Chilworth Process

Sollerta offers a Technology Brokering service (called the Chilworth Process) to assist SMEs to improve their technology and enhance their business.

The Chilworth Process describes how Sollerta achieves this by working with SME clients and

conducting a technology audit and identifying gaps in technology capability
locating the sources of technology that can be effectively applied
assisting the client to negotiate and transfer the technology .
The Chilworth process is well proven and SMEs working with Sollerta have gained a strong competitive advantage and have achieved step changes in business growth.

A Technology Transfer Process designed for SMEs
Demand Led — always under control of SMEs
Market Driven — focused on SME’s markets
Knowledge Based — Offering special access to UK science and technology bases
Links to organisations holding exploitable intellectual property — MOD, NHS, Public Sector Research Establishments, Research and Technology Organisations, Universities, Businesses
A proven Business Development Tool offering a fast track to business improvement
Provides a technology audit of the SME and technology capability gaps
Quantifies the potential for innovation and the application of science and technology
Identifies and offers a transfer programme of Knowledge, Innovative ideas, Technology, Science (i.e KITS) drawing on novel and leading edge technology from the UK science and technology base
Defines the business opportunities that can best exploit the insertion of novel technology and know-how
Focuses the limited resources within SMEs on a clear strategic action plan to deliver profitable outcomes
Stimulates demand for investment in innovation
Satisfies new business opportunities through links with UK, academia, government departments and other sources of information and sector-specific laboratories
Works closely with client SMEs to identify appropriate KITS based solutions to assist them to respond to market-led commercial opportunities or other business problems
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The Chilworth Process has been used successfully by many SMEs

To gain strong competitive advantage
To achieve step changes in business growth
To raise Gross Added Value (GVA) by between 5 and 7 times
To achieve a direct economic yield on Investment about 3 times
Flexible to apply and complementary to best Business Practice
Sollerta practitioners have developed particular skills for assisting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
Fruitful links have been formed with many business support organisations including Regional Development Agencies (RDAs), Business Links, Chambers of Commerce etc, and businesses are signposted to these organisations where appropriate.
Sollerta's Chilworth process is complementary to existing business support activities, providing the missing link between commercial enterprises and the knowledge base, with the aim of encouraging and facilitating knowledge, technology or transfer of know-how.
The Chilworth process is applicable to all sizes of companies and specifically to all stages of growth of SMEs, in all markets and all technologies, dealing with people at all levels of seniority and interfacing between the different cultures of the SME and the large knowledge and technology providers.
The Chilworth Process can be used with Sollerta’s 'Preston' modelling tool to forecast return on investment using the company's business plan and best estimates of project timescales and other key drivers.
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