The company, Sollerta Ltd was established in October 2000 and continued in business until the end of 2014, when it ceased trading.

The Sollerta Association is a focal point for ex-Sollertans who wish to keep in contact and maintain the personal and professional friendship built up during the lifetime of the Sollerta company.(2000-2015)

Membership is limited in the first instance to ex-Sollertans

Members of this association may elect to continue to carry out private work for their own clients. The Sollerta Association is not involved or concerned with such work, nor does the Association bear any responsibility for it.

The website will record the current activities which Associates may wish to share. This could also include current interests. It is possible that a blog might be set up.

Current activites which are recorded on this website comprise. .

Technology Brokering

Logistic Supply Chain Studies

Multimodal Logistics

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