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Invitation to Tender (ITT) and Tender development

Developing an ITT for procurement of goods or services requires knowledge of the market and an understanding of the supplier's perspective together with a good balance between clearly defining the requirements and acceptance criteria while avoiding over-specification which rules out innovative proposals. Responding to an ITT requires suppliers not only to understand the buyer's perspective but also the 'rules of the game' by which the buyer must operate.

Public Sector buyers are required to follow the relevant Procurement Regulations - for example those based on the EU Directives and Treaty - in terms of the choice of procedure, its conduct and the content of the ITT and evaluation scheme. Failure to do so, even at the competitor selection stage, can be a serious and expensive matter. Failure to understand when the regulations are not being followed can be equally expensive for would-be suppliers.

Sollerta has experience in all aspects of the procurement process from both buyer and supplier perspectives: the development of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and ITT, including compliant evaluation schemes and their application; and, through support provided to a range of companies across many sectors, the preparation of PQQ responses and Tenders themselves and with issues arising from public sector decisions and debriefs.

Sollerta can assist your organisation either in management and drafting of an ITT to be sent out to potential suppliers/sub-contractors or in the management and drafting of a company bid in response to an ITT.

In summary Sollerta can assist your organisation in:


Requirements Management

Sollerta is qualified to assist both buyers and suppliers with Requirements Management.

Successful procurement begins with clear statements of Requirement. From the buyer’s perspective they must avoid over-specification whilst providing the basis for all the intended evaluation criteria. For the supplier the challenge is to demonstrate to the buyer that they have analysed and fully understood them and that their proposals are fully compliant.

This is easier said than done, with the ambiguity of language and often confusion between those requirements that are essential and others that are ‘nice to have’.
Even the most carefully worded ITTs can suffer from inconsistencies in the requirements.

As a technical partner of Telelogic AB, Sollerta is trained in the use of the Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS®) which not only provides a framework for developing Requirements from scratch but also allows a set of existing Requirements to be analysed into their components and associated dependencies and inconsistencies readily identified.

The requirements database that is the outcome of this analysis is a valuable tool, not least as a sound basis for developing coherent costing and commercial agreements with suppliers.

DOORS® facilitates management of change during the project’s life particularly in highlighting the often unforeseen knock-on effects of proposed changes.
DOORS® is therefore also a valuable project management tool during the Contract Management phase.

Preparation of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires(PQQs) and Invitations to Tender(ITTs)

Sollerta provides a range of services related to the setting up and management of an efficient, auditable and compliant Tendering Process to ensure best value for money within defined degrees of risk.

Sollerta's contributions benefit from its experience and knowledge of public sector procurement, particularly EU-inspired regulatory requirements. Sollerta's expertise is continually updated through, for example, its involvement in Gateway Reviews of public sector projects.

Services include providing advice on the choice of a compliant procurement procedure and associated evaluation schemes, taking into account the supplier perspective, and assisting with the drafting of the necessary documentation either directly or following a 'Red Teaming' exercise

Through its detailed knowledge of procurement Regulatory requirements - particularly in relation to the EU Directives and Treaty - allied to its understanding of the commercial perspective, Sollerta can help its clients to produce compliant PQQs and ITTs that are: and thus result in Value for Money proposals.

Tender Evaluation

Sollerta offers a tender evaluation service at a variety of levels.

We provide advice on setting up an efficient, auditable and complaint tender evaluation scheme to ensure best value for money including consideration of programme/contract risk.

For Public Sector buyers there is the added danger of failing to follow the relevant Procurement Regulations in terms of the content and publication of the evaluation scheme.

Our consultants are available to participate in existing evaluation processes as independent members of a panel, making full use of both their domain and project management expertise.

However we strongly advise clients to involve us from the outset of the development of the Evaluation scheme

Sollerta has the capability to set up and manage the whole process if required by a client.

We also assist organisations bidding for contracts to understand how their tenders will be evaluated and how to take account of this in framing their proposals.


Training, Coaching and Mentoring

In addition to its 'hands on' services, Sollerta offers support across its range of consultancy topics through the provision of Training, Coaching and Mentoring both to the public sector and its suppliers.

Sollerta's approach is to provide bespoke responses to particular client requirements in these areas. However, a recurrent theme is that of the need for the Public Sector to act in compliance with the applicable Regulations if it is to avoid delay and expensive legal proceedings and for the suppliers to understand the rights these Regulations afford them.

Sollerta has developed its approach drawing on its extensive practical experience of both the customer and the supplier side.

Formal training is offered through seminars and workshops, and focuses on Project Management and Public Sector Procurement.

Coaching and Mentoring services are also available and are tailored to the clients particular requirements and circumstances.